B-Cool 655

B-Cool 655

B-Cool 655 is a chlorine-free, water-miscible semi-synthetic cutting fluid containing mineral oil. This product is characterized by extremely low consumption.

The B-Cool 655 cutting fluid is designed for light and heavy cutting, as well as for grinding cast iron, steel alloys, titanium and hard aluminum alloys.


The content of mineral oil in the concentrate: 24%
Refractometric factor: 1,3
Concentrate / emulsion colour: 1
The content of chlorine in the concentrate: 1
The content of water in the concentrate: 21%
Concentrate density at 20°C: 1,01 г/cм3
The viscosity of the concentrate at 40°C: 59,5 мм2/с
Ignition temperature: 160°C
pH of the emulsion: 8,7 – 9,2

Свойства и преимущества продукта

High cutting performance high cutting speed, long tool life
Excellent rinsing and streamlining low consumption
The high stability of the emulsion long-term operation of the emulsion, low disposal costs
Good corrosion protection protects machined parts from corrosion even at low concentrations
Can be used in both hard and soft water no foam and stability in hard water


B-Cool 655 cutting fluid is designed for machining as well as for grinding cast iron, steel, titanium and hard aluminum alloys.

Assistance in the selection of the coolant:

Mr. Anvar Usmanov
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