Blasocut 2000 Universal MD

Blasocut 2000 Universal MD

Blaser Blasocut —water mixed cutting fluid (coolant) based on mineral oil, which does not contain active chlorine compounds. Contains high-pressure additives based on chloroparahine.

Application of coolant Blasocut: universal coolant for grinding and blade cutting of various materials (cast iron, steel, aluminum alloys). The composition of the coolant includes metal deactivators for the efficient treatment of copper-containing materials.

Blasocut coolant characteristics:
Excellent coolant properties
Stability / durability
The composition does not contain bactericides

Features coolant Blasocut:
Blasocut lubricating fluids do not contain EP additives, which include sulfur, chlorine, zinc, phosphorus, boron compounds, nitrite, nitrite releasers, formaldehydes, formaldehyde releasers, amines, diethanolamine, nitrosamine, silicone, heavy metals, PCP , PCB, PCT, TCDD or other dioxide containing substances.


Content of mineral oil in concentrate: 60 %
Refractometric coefficient:
Color concentrate/ emulsion: green / milky, green
Water content in concentrate: 3%
Concentrate density at temperature 20°C: 0,95 gr/cm3
Concentrate viscosity at temperature40°C: 46 mm2/с
Ignition temperature : 136°C
pH Emulsion: 8,5 – 9,2

Properties and advantages product

Product properties Advantages
Universality one lubricoolant for machining all materials used
Soft formula without bactericides well tolerated by the skin and the human body
High emulsion stability payback period due to long emulsion life
High cutting performance Long period explutation instruments


A universal cutting fluid designed for general machining of non-ferrous metals, as well as cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys.

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