Vasco 7000

Vasco 7000

Vasco 7000 – water-soluble, chlorine-free, boron-free, formaldehyde and zinc-free cutting fluid based on vegetable oil esters, characterized by high cutting performance.


Content of esters in concentrate: 25%
Mineral oil content in concentrate: 0%
Refractometric coefficient : 1.4
Concentrate density at temperature 20°C: 0,98 gr/cm3
Вязкость концентрата при температуре 40°C: 74 mm2/s
Ignition temperature: 134°C
pH emulsion: 8,8 – 9,5

Properties and advantages product

Properties product
Excellent cutting performance due to the properties of vegetable oil esters High speed working
High stability in hard water excellent resistance to foaming in any water quality
High pressure application excellent foaming resistance, stable processing


A product intended for machining hard-to-machine materials, such as titanium, alloys of nickel, chromium and cobalt, as well as for heavy machining of iron, steel and aluminum alloys.

Suitable also for grinding.

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