Blaser Swisslube AG



Blaser Swisslube AG is a Swiss company producing lubricating and cooling liquids. Blaser was founded in 1972, and for more than 30 years has been developing lubricating and cooling liquids (LW) for metalworking.

Blaser Swisslube AG has the largest in Europe laboratory for the study of coolant.

The quality and effectiveness of Blaser lubricating and cooling fluids (coolant) have been recognized by many well-known companies in the world. Among Blaser coolant customers are manufacturers such as FIAT-SIG, Bystronic, Aerospace Airbus, Ford, Daewoo, Fiat Aviazion, Rolex, Audi, Bosch, Mazda, Mitsubishi, MAN, ABB, AvtoVAZ.

The company Blaser Swisslube AG specializes in the production of high-quality, modern, guaranteeing high quality of cutting fluids. Emulsions prepared from the concentrate are characterized by the following characteristics:

    • Universality – the same coolant is applicable to various types of metalworking and various materials;
    • High physico-chemical and biological stability of the cutting fluid – service life without replacement from 2 years;
    • Absence of a negative effect on a person;
    • Coolant Blaser does not emulsify with foreign oils;
    • Blaser lubricating and cooling fluids do not contain chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, boron, sodium nitrate;
    • Coolant contains a balanced additive package

Blaser lubricating and cooling fluids are suitable for various types of metalworking: light blade cutting, heavy blade cutting, turning, drilling, unfolding, milling, cutting, deep drilling, thread cutting, grinding, tool grinding.

Coolant Blaser can be used for working with the following materials: steel, alloy steel, cast iron, aluminum alloys, non-ferrous metals.

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