Mate Precision Tooling

Firm “MATE PRECISION TOOLING” – is the leader in the world market in the production of tooling for coordinate cutting machines with CNC. The majority of manufacturers of the named equipment use the tool of this firm. These include such famous machine-building companies as AMADA, LVD, EHT, EUROMAC, TRUMPH and, of course, PRIMA POWER.

For more than 50 years, MATE has been a leader in the market for the production of tools for coordinate-revolving die-cutting presses.

The MATE tool is delivered to all the world’s leading sheet processing companies. MATE’s tools are valued for consistently high quality, reliability and reasonable prices. Also, this manufacturer has earned the trust of numerous customers for the speed and speed of delivery.

Currently, the following names are available in the MATE tool catalog:

  • punching tool of standard shape, designed to perforate the sheet with frequently used holes (oval, circle, rectangle, square, etc.). A tool of this type is supplied on request;
  • punching tool of a special shape (tool for processing large radii, multi-radial tools, tool for processing holes “under the handle” and “under lock”, as well as any other shapes according to the schemes and drawings of the customer);
  • a variety of forming tools for taping, countersink and coring, hinges, blinds, hooks, bends, holders of boards and many other names;
  • Roller Ball tool for forming stiffeners;
  • threading tool Easy Tap for rolling and threading and threading (M2,5 … M8);
  • Sheet Market tool for marking logos and inscriptions of any type;
  • tool MXC from wear-resistant tool steel.

Also note the tools of the unique precision system Ultra TEC®, designed to improve punching operations. Its hardened guides retain their size for a long time, which significantly reduces the wear of the turret holes. A variation of the system is the Ultra TEC® Heavy Duty tool, designed for heavy duty applications. The thickness of the sheet metal pierced by it is limited only by the machine’s capabilities.

Key benefits of the MATE tool

  • the tool is made of high-quality high-speed steel;
  • hardness of matrices is up to 60 HRc, punches – up to 62 HRc;
  • the reverse angle of the punches is 0.25 degrees, which makes it much easier to remove the material;
  • on all punches there are special grooves for lubrication of the guide, which increase the service life of the tool;
  • assembly and disassembly are performed without special keys and devices, as a result of which the downtime of the coordinate-revolving punching presses and other modern equipment with electric drive is significantly reduced.

MATE regularly extends the range of the proposed tool. All new items of the company our customers can order directly from the manufacturing plants in the US.

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