SARTORIUS Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG

“SARTORIUS Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG” offers a balanced program of high-quality, innovative and reliable products, attractive also in the ratio price / performance, containing tools, measuring devices and environmental protection.

More than 40,000 high-end products can be found in the SARTORIUS WERKZEUGE tool catalog.


  • Drill bits Sartorius (HSS, VHM, carbide drills, before full drilling), boring cutters, taps, dies, diggers, sweeps, cutters and cutting knives.
  • Sartorius cutters (HSS, VHM, disk cutters, radius cutters, toothed milling cutters, end mills, cutters with cutting inserts), cutting inserts, metal circular saws, ratchets, band saws and discs, pushers.
  • Turning tools Sartorius – cutters, cutting plates, cutting, boring, tools for knurling and marking.
  • Machine tools Sartorius – clamping devices, cams, turning leashes, clamping pipes, machine vice, tool holders, screws, clamping systems.
  • Measuring devices Sartorius – calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, measuring probes, racks, angles, roulettes, samples, devices for checking the circular motion, optical devices, calibration services.
  • Tools for locksmith processing – files, disks, wire brushes, ratchets, grating machines.
  • Sartorius hand tools – wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, chisels, hammers, knives, scissors, vise, scrapers, bags, tool cases, power tools, drills for drills.
  • Production equipment Sartorius – cabinets, shelves, systems, warehousing, workplaces, tables, transport carts, containers.
  • Labor protection and the environment – a separator for trapping emulsion-oil mist, smoke filters, hoods, cleanliness support systems, absorbent substances, oil separators, mats, personal safety products.
  • Restoration of cutting tools – almost every cutting tool of any manufacturer is subject to restoration, the recovered tools preserve the parameters of new tools and allow considerable savings.

The offer on tools of manufacture of company SARTORIUS WERKZEUGE is presented in such a way to satisfy requirement of both small workshops, and large manufactures, irrespective of localization of firm.

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