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Sunnen AG

Sunnen is the worldwide leader in precision bore sizing systems. When you choose the “Sunnen Solution”, you get the honing machines together with best cutting abrasives, high performance honing oils, coolants, toolings and precision bore gages. Either as manual stand-alone machine or fully automated, the Sunnen solution fits best into high demanding production processes – working to satisfy your specific production needs.

With over 90 years of experience, Sunnen provides precision bore honing solutions for an incredibly wide range of industries and applications. Our global network and the industry’s largest selection of honing machines – horizontal or vertical, single or multi-spindle, standard or customized – allows us to be close to you and provide the appropriate solution in every country worldwide.

As the largest integrated honing systems supplier, we maintain Advanced Technology Centers around the globe with a workforce of over 650. Our outstanding support is provided through our 3 production plants and 8 subsidiaries and our sales and service network in more than 50 countries around the globe.

No matter what your bore sizing challenge may be, anywhere in the world, we have the “Sunnen Solution” for you!

The main types of equipment:

  • Equipment for honing
  • Equipment for the repair of engines


Diameter of machined holes, mm from 1,5 till 1500
Length of machined holes, mm from 6 till 10000
Metal removal in the holes dia. 80 х 180 mm, mm/min till 0,3
The achievable surface roughness, Ra in micrometers till 0,05
Work material Steel, cast iron, non-ferrous alloys, ceramics, glass and others.








Abrasive tool, coolant, control and measuring accessories are supplied complete with hardware, for a range of customer’s technical conditions.

Currently SUNNEN offers technology and equipment which solve the problem of repair of the following parts of the engine:

  • Honing machines, multi-purpose honing heads, bars and honing oil.
  • Machines for restoration bed crankshaft bearings by boring and honing.
  • Machine for machining the cylinder block plane.
  • Machines and tools for the recovery and processing of valve guides and seats.
  • Tools for honing valve guides.
  • A tool for diamond grinding of saddles profiles.
  • Stand for manual processing of seats.
  • Stand for disassembly and assembly of cylinder heads.
  • The machine for the treatment of head units plane.
  • Universal and semi-automatic machines for the processing of rods holes.
  • The machine is for boring rods holes.
  • A wide range of washing machines, non-polluting
  • The family of unique measuring devices to monitor the holes

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